The craziness of magazine writing & editing

In my magazine and feature writing class this semester, I’ve been exposed to a whole different realm of writing, as well as editing. You see, as a copy editor for Kansas State’s student-run newspaper, the Collegian, all I ever edit (for the most part) is hard, dry facts. Most leads are from someone else’s words and “_____ said” is used frequently. However, magazine writing is completely different. It is creative. It is a story. It is engaging and brings you to another world, time and place. The writing is more fun, feature-like and just overall, a ton more exciting to edit.

Second, as I’ve taken this class, I’ve also learned how to write an engaging, storytelling caption. In my news-writing experience, I have always simply written who is in the photo, what they are doing, along the where and when of the event. However, Professor Puntney has taught us how to write a really great, personable captain that tells beyond the picture itself.

Lastly, I’ve learned that magazine writing and editing is crazy! It requires planning that is sporadic. There are so many different pieces that go into putting together a magazine. But in the end, over several months, a beautiful piece comes together with the help of people, photos, designs and words. The production of Update magazine has been one of my favorite classes because you get to see your work finalized and being read by actual readers who also love K-State. Go Cats and go Update magazine!




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