More than a signature

You know that feeling when you sign your name on something — like a contract or a credit card receipt? Yeah, me neither.

When we sign our names on the dotted line, it is usually not an exciting experience. Typically we are committing to something we may be responsible for in the future, which is not always a good thing. We are taught to write our names in cursive at a young age, only to grow up and dread it.

However, for a journalist, this concept takes on a completely different perspective.

When a journalist writes an article or story, it is attached with something: their name. At the bottom of the article, one will typically find a “written by: ____” statement or a short bio of the author.

This signature is not painful.

It is not a dreadful process.

Instead, our signature brings a sense of accomplishment.

Being a journalist, I will never grow tired of seeing my name published underneath a story I have written. It is a pleasure, a joy and a victory to sign my work, knowing that it is more than just a fearful commitment; it is piece I can claim as my own.



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