My life in 6 words

Living in His will as one. 

After contemplating exactly how I would describe myself in six words, condensing it down was not easy. But I did know two things that I wanted to incorporate: my love for Jesus and my love for my fiancé, Tanner. This sentence has been my goal as a couple — to focus on God and his plans for us as we have dated, which has ultimately led us to marriage (we just got engaged last weekend!) I am beyond blessed to have such a wonderful, thoughtful, caring man of God to call mine. It’s been a fun journey doing life together thus far and I’m SO excited to forever pursue our faith and life together!

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As the countdown begins to graduation, I also have thought about what my style as a journalist is in six words.

Pursuing genuine, real stories with simplicity. 

My work as a journalist over the last years has typically been in news writing.  Instead, I’ve found my passion is to write about faith, passion and people who can’t speak for themselves. There are so many stories that are surface level. When you read those sorts of stories, what do you gain? I think it’s important as a journalist and editor to really look around at your community and world in a different, unique way and dig up stories that will truly make an impact.

It may have been hard for me to think of how I would describe myself in a few sentences, but in the end, it really made me think about what I love and what is important in my life. I strongly enjoy everyone to try it, as it really makes you think of your life in a completely different light — or at least it did for me.

“Sure, your life story could fill a thousand pages — but sometimes a few words are all you need.”

six words


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