10 daily treasures of a college student

A day in the life of a college student — this time for me is about to end. Cheap food, cheap wine and a quality education is about to unwind in just a few, short months. It’s hitting me that I only have so much time left to embrace the fullness of my time as a Kansas State University senior. And even though my life isn’t SUPER exciting, I know for certain there are several daily activities in my “typical college student” schedule that I might look back on a few years from now and miss.

Right now, the following things can sometimes feel like a drag. But, I know I will come to appreciate the little things in college soon after I walk across the stage in May. If I could compile the life of a college student into 10 stories, what would they be?

1.  A wacky schedule. It seems like all I ever do is run from one class to another. Then, I’ll randomly have an hour break between classes. What am I supposed to do? Soon enough, I’ll have an 8-5 job and only a one-hour lunch break. 


Story idea: What do students actually do during their breaks: study, Facebook or nap? 

2.  Help me, I’m poor. It seems like all I ever have in my wallet is…pocket lint. Why do I have to pay to go to class? Soon, I’ll have SO much money from my 8-5 job, along with a $20,000 student loan and 10 bills to pay. 


Story idea: Do college students know how to budget when they leave college? They’ve had nothing to work with for so long. 

3. Homework. It seems like the load of papers, tests and assignments is never ending. Why do I have to learn all this stuff? Well, once I graduate, there’s no more exams. Just work. And if I want to go back and learn something knew? Well, I’ll have to pay big bucks for it.  I should appreciate the knowledge I’m receiving now, because it will be useful.


Story idea: Ask recent college grads — how much that you learned from college do you apply to your current job? 

4. Late nights. It seems like it’s nearly impossibly to get all of my homework done before midnight. It’s already 2 a.m.?! Shoot. Looks like I’m skipping my morning class. The thing about post-grad is, I’ll be working at 8 a.m. every single day. 10: 30 p.m. should be my bedtime, at the latest.


Story idea: How many hours of sleep does the average college student get, according to different majors? 

5. Minimum wage. I have a job, an internship actually, and I’m getting paid $8 an hour. For the experience, sure — I’d say it’s worth it. But when my car breaks down, all that I worked for is gone. However, soon enough, I’ll be making a salary verses an hourly paycheck. Which means I don’t have to budget, right?! HA. Time to pay back mom for all the IOU’s.


Story idea: What do college students spend their money on? Does it actually go to savings or is it strictly spending money? 

6.  Need. More. Caffeine. If you haven’t gotten hooked yet, you’re doing something wrong. Morning classes and late nights without a pick-me-up feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. So, I never pass up a cup of coffee…or the five after that. I have to remember though, at my next job, the coffee shop may be three miles from work. At K-State, it’s just down the hall.


Story idea: It would be cool to calculate and keep try of how much I spend on coffee and how much I consume. I know it’s entirely too much. 

7. “When are you free?” Too many friends, not enough time. It’s so hard to schedule a time to meet up! But this soon-to-be reality breaks my heart — we all will be moving soon. It won’t be as easy to connect with friends, and the closest thing to seeing each other might be Skype or Facebook.


Story idea: Recent college grads — how many college friends do you keep up with on a regular basis? 

8.  Noise. One thing I won’t miss is waking up in the middle of the night to drunk college students walking home from Aggieville. Sure, I’m glad you had a good time, but don’t wake mama bear up. On the other hand, there’s one noisy thing that I will miss — football and basketball games. College sports are loud and crazy and I’m okay with it.


Story idea: What’s your favorite sporting event at K-State and why? Is it the atmosphere or the game itself? 

9. Workout? I don’t do enough of this, but when I do — there’s 1,000 different people at the Rec at the exact same time. It would be nice to not have 1,000 people sweating around me. Though soon, I’ll have to pay a nice monthly membership to a gym that’s 20 minutes from my house. Not quite as convenient.


Story idea: College students, how many times a week do you make it to the gym? 

10. Da boi. Now, there’s one thing about college that hopefully many people can look back on and be extremely thankful for.  Finding your dream guy is one of those things. College is prime time for scouting out your mate, and I’ve found mine. My boyfriend and I have had so much fun in college together — from late nights to the Varsity Donut truck, dancing the night away and having numerous study sessions — it’s been fun to explore Manhattan together. It’s also nice to find that one person that will be with you post-grad and hopefully for life, too.

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Story idea: How many college students meet their spouse in college? 


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