Relevant: How this magazine among others matter

We have become a “snackable” culture, particularly in the media. What this means is that we skim, glance and scroll through stories. I’m guilty of it too, as it’s so much easier to thumb through Facebook amidst the thousands of posts. The problem with this mentality is that we are not fully retaining information, just grabbing bits and pieces of it.


The solution? Magazines, people.

When was the last time you picked up a magazine? Were you disappointed? Probably so, because you were more than likely at the doctor and the only magazine on the corner table was Family Circle — total mom mag.

Okay so, why should you read magazines?!

1. Time-saver: Instead of 1,000 different links to choose from on Facebook, magazines condense all of that information into the most important content. Nothing will be scam, and everything will be relevant.

Speaking of RELEVANT, this is one of my favorite magazines. It’s geared to 20 and 30 year olds and is filled with extremely relevant content about faith, culture, life and current stories.

Now, this may not be what you like to read, but that’s okay. You can pick up a magazine about ANYTHING that you enjoy! And it WILL be relevant to you — with no question. If you like basketball, there’s a magazine for it. If you like gardening, there’s a magazine for it. If you like geocaching, oddly enough — there’s a magazine for it. And it will be information you won’t have to scroll and google for days in order to find, and will leave you satisfied.

When asked what she loves about print magazines in The Guardians “Magazines will always have a place on people’s shelves,” Chloe McClaren, 22 and a journalism student said,

“You’ve got it in your hands, haven’t you? You can take it out, show it to friends. If I’m on the internet I tend to think, ‘I’ll read that later when I can give it my full attention,’ and then forget to read it. If you’ve got a magazine it comes with you everywhere.”

2. Pictures: Man, there are a lot of cool pictures out there. And the internet can copy and paste any picture into a story. In a print magazine, all the pictures are, or least should be, professional and captivating. Having an actual publication in your hands almost makes it feel like the person in the photo is staring right at you, or you could jump right into the picture.

Kate Vanhinsbergh, 24, bartender and editor, was asked what she loved about print magazines.

The connection between writers, photographers and readers. I don’t think you could ever replace that digitally.”

Amen, sista.

3. “You’ve got mail!”: I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about getting mail. Instead of a hefty bill, a magazine is a nice little present to yourself. Flipping through the pages, it opens your senses — sight, touch, smell — into something new. Something you’ve never quite seen before. It’s a mysterious, a collaboration of challenging, inspirational, emotional and educational stories. A magazine is it’s own little world, and just like a book — it’s the closest thing we have to telepathy. We get to read and experience someone else’s words and story. It’s trustworthy, it’s interesting, and it’s relevant.

So, go ahead. Get your hands on a magazine. Pick anything that interests you and try it out. You can even check out the online version first. Then, buy a subscription. Magazines play an important role in keeping in touch with society as a whole, and not just in bits and pieces.

Recommendation: Obviously, I’m going to recommend Relevant magazine. It’s. So. Good. If you’d like to see and listen to the founder, Cameron Strang, talk about the heart and story of starting Relevant, along with what it’s about, check out this video. 








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