The writer in me

There’s something with the written word that has always calmed my soul. I remember as a kid having a purple spiral notebook. Inside that notebook I would vent about everything that came to a middle schooler’s mind — boys, fitting in, clothes and makeup and of course, being frustrated with my parents (probably for grounding me). Sometimes I would draw huge letters, out of anger, or sometimes I would draw hearts, out of “love.” From the start, this was my escape.

Fact is, it’s always been easy for me to write. In a perfect world, I would have a cup of tea and write all day. BUT, what I didn’t realize some time ago is that when something comes naturally to you, it’s easy to think about the essentials of what it takes to be a good writer — creativity, understanding of the English language, organization of sentence structure — and forget why you actually write.

What you write makes a huge difference. And in order to passionately write about something that you care about, well — it takes passion. As a journalism major, I’ve written a good number of news stories. Don’t get me wrong, I love interviewing people, but I’ve decided that interviewing for news is not for me. News, in my head, is simply hard facts, usually that people hear on the radio while driving to work. In my own perspective, it was very dry. And as I wrote, I lost my passion.

To summarize what I’ve learned — it’s this: Writing is not always about your skills, but where your passion lies within them. I’ve discovered that my passion is people and writing. I want to tell unique stories of travelers, single moms, cancer survivors and the homeless. Their stories won’t be heard unless someone seeks them out and tells it.

Writing is my therapy. It’s what I do when I’m upset. But, it’s also a place to turn when you’re happy — when you see so much beauty and joy in the world — that you just can’t keep it in.



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