He is…

How do we know that Jesus is God? One could say it’s because of his miracles, but other people have done miracles. The Resurrection is the ultimate vindication. But of the many things, I find it to be the forgiving of sins that makes the difference.

If you do something against me, I have the right to forgive you. However, if you do something against me and somebody else comes along and says ‘I forgive you’, what kind of consensus is that? The only person who can say that sort of thing is God himself because sin, even if it is against other people, is first and most importantly a defiance of God and his laws.

In Psalm 51, David recognizes his sin and says β€œAgainst you only have I sinned and done this evil in your sight.” He sees that yes- he wronged people, but in the end he sinned against God who made him in his image and God needed to forgive him.

Jesus, too without sin, displays many characteristics of deity with God

  • Omniscience (all knowing) – John 16:30
  • Omnipresence (everywhere) – Matthew 28:20, 18:19
  • Omnipotence (over all) – Matthew 28:18
  • Eternality (without beginning or end) – John 1:1
  • Immutability (unchanging) – Hebrews 13:8

Let us not forget what kind of God and Savior we serve. One so powerful yet also so real and loving to come down to the lowliest of lowlies. He is truly worthy of all of our praise.


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